Project overview

FotoH2 shall develop a highly efficient tandem photoelectrolysis cell for solar H2 production, based on durable and cost-effective advanced materials and interfaces. Applying the consortium partners’ experience with innovative solar technologies, the main vision of FotoH2 is the prototyping and validation of a mass-deployable solar H2 production technology, in the form of easily integrable flat panels. The input H2O and output H2 are carried by tubing at the two edges of the panels, comprising a self-powered flow- through system which can be simply connected to a water source. The semiconductor tandem architecture is expected to yield higher efficiency and allow more flexible deployment than externally biased architectures The validation of the technology will be done on a 1 m2-scale.


University of Alicante


Advanced Technology Solutions



Latest news

Meet us at the XXVII. Congress of the Italian Chemical Society, SCI2021

Jun/22 By

Our experts will present the nearly final project results at the 2021 congress of the Italian Chemical Society, an online event during September 14-23, 2021. The title of our talk

Seminar event: a talk on the Hydrogen economy

Mar/30 By

Today, on March 30th, a seminar type talk will be held about the Hydrogen economy. The event is organized by Air Liquide, and begins at 16:00 CET. Use the following link

FotoH2 participation at EuroMat 2021

Feb/3 By

The EUROPEAN CONGRESS AND EXHIBITION ON ADVANCED MATERIALS AND PROCESSES – EUROMAT 2021 – will take place in Graz, Austria during 12-16 September, 2021. FotoH2 will present its final R&D results at

Transparent anion exchange membrane target achieved

Jan/9 By

We are pleased to report that we achieved the performance targets set for the anion exchange membrane in the FotoH2 project plan. In plain terms, we demonstrated the practical viability of

FotoH2 coordination meeting prepares the production of a large photoelectrolysis panel

Dec/22 By

A virtual coordination meeting was held on December 21-22, where the design of a large photoelectrolysis panel was finalized, and its production planning was discussed. As FotoH2 soon enters its final

HyGear will be acquired by clean energy leader, Xebec

Dec/22 By

HyGear shareholders signed an agreement for the company to be acquired by clean energy leader, Xebec from Montreal, Canada. The acquisition is expected to close on or about December 30,

FotoH2 coordination meeting guides the resumption of R&D efforts

Jun/17 By

Following pandemic-related disruptions of the past months, FotoH2 research activities are gradually resuming. A virtual coordination meeting was held on June 15-16, where the resumption of research efforts was planned

D3.2 deliverable is published

Dec/15 By

The FotoH2 project published its D3.2 deliverable document, titled “The physical/chemical model of photoelectrochemical hydrogen production with tandem electrode architecture”. The document may be accessed via the Downloads menu or

FotoH2 coordination meeting at the test site

Dec/15 By

On December 4-5, 2019, a FotoH2 coordination meeting was held in Catania, Italy. This meeting was the fourth physical meeting of the project. Participants discussed the completion of work package

Successful EMRS workshop participation

Oct/22 By

Dr Roberto Gomez, the project coordinator of FotoH2, presented the FotoH2 project’s main accomplishments to date at the 2019 fall meeting of the European Materials Research Society. The talk was

with the project coordinator

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