Project overview

FotoH2 shall develop a highly efficient tandem photoelectrolysis cell for solar H2 production, based on durable and cost-effective advanced materials and interfaces. Applying the consortium partners’ experience with innovative solar technologies, the main vision of FotoH2 is the prototyping and validation of a mass-deployable solar H2 production technology, in the form of easily integrable flat panels. The input H2O and output H2 are carried by tubing at the two edges of the panels, comprising a self-powered flow- through system which can be simply connected to a water source. The semiconductor tandem architecture is expected to yield higher efficiency and allow more flexible deployment than externally biased architectures The validation of the technology will be done on a 1 m2-scale.


University of Alicante


Advanced Technology Solutions



Latest news

FotoH2 is featured in the European Commission’s “Solar energy generation and storage” publication

Nov/24 By

The “Solar energy generation and storage” publication describes projects that contribute to the sustainability in the solar energy sector. FotoH2 is one of the featured projects. We are happy for

May 16th is the International Day of Light

May/17 By

Celebrating this event, the European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA) has showcased the FotoH2 project results.

FotoH2 video page

Dec/20 By

The recording of FotoH2 results presentations is gradually being published on the FotoH2 Video page.

FotoH2 presentation at the EFC21 conference

Dec/17 By

Dr Stefano Trocino (CNR) made a well-received presentation of FotoH2 results at the EFC21 conference. His DRY HYDROGEN PRODUCTION IN A CRITICAL RAW MATERIAL-FREE TANDEM PHOTOELECTROCHEMICAL CELL presentation shows the scientific principles

FotoH2 Final Event was a success

Dec/15 By

The FotoH2 Final Event was held today. The event was a success: participants learnt how the FotoH2 project realized TRL-5 solar hydrogen production. We started from an innovative scientific concept,

FotoH2 Final event program – last revision

Dec/10 By

The FotoH2 Final event will begin at 10:00 CET on December 15th, and will last for 2 hours. The latest results in solar Hydrogen production technology will be demonstrated. Its program

FotoH2 field trial starts

Dec/2 By

Today our team has started the field trial of FotoH2 technology. It is fantastic to see the industrial sized photo-electrolysis panels in operation! The field trial site is fully integrated,

FotoH2 Webinar and Final event programs

Nov/22 By

The FotoH2 Webinar will begin at 9:30 CET on December 9th, and will last for 3 hours. Its program is listed below. Mark your calendar, and register to attend here! Presentation of

Catalyst for improved H2 efficiency

Nov/16 By

In a recent publication, our experts report a simple nickel-based catalyst, which significantly improves the efficiency of hydrogen evolution reaction. This catalyst nicely complements our cost-efficient copper-oxide photo-cathodes. Our article

Invitation to the FotoH2 final event – December 15, 2021

Oct/6 By

You are kindly invited to the Final Demonstration Event of the FotoH2 project, on December 15, 2021. This online event will demonstrate the state-of-the-art in photo-electrochemical H2 production. The presented

with the project coordinator

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