FotoH2 Final event program – last revision

Posted by on December 10, 2021

The FotoH2 Final event will begin at 10:00 CET on December 15th, and will last for 2 hours. The latest results in solar Hydrogen production technology will be demonstrated. Its program is listed below. Mark your calendar, and register to attend here!

Presentation of the Event (A. Kovacs)

1. EU Hydrogen initiatives. (N. Bilbao Bustinza)

A brief presentation of the EU Hydrogen initiatives, presented by our project adviser from the European Commission.

2. FotoH2 cell architecture. (G. Giacoppo)

Brief descriptions of the FotoH2 cell concept. Components and configuration.

3. Module and panel architecture (O. Barbera)

Description of the integration of cells into modules and panel. Components and configuration.

4. Ancillary equipment. (R. Makkus)

Justification of the need. Basic components and configuration. Integration with the panel.

5. On site panel demonstration. Results of on-going tests. (A. Aricò / A. Di Stefano)

Video and live demonstration of the technology. Presentation of the initial tests results.

6. Perspectives and prospects (R.Gómez / A. Aricò)

Current technology readiness level. Prospects for further developing the technology. Conclusions.

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